Benevo Cleans Beach In Preparation For New Pawtato Ocean Treats Launch

Benevo Beach Clean


At the start of the week, Benevo the vegan pet food company began preparing for the launch of their new ocean themed, meat-free dog chews with a local beach clean.

Seven of the Benevo team along with Nettie the vegan dog, took to the shorelines of Langstone Harbour to try and make a small difference in their lunch hour. They collected any litter they came across in biodegradable sacks.

Benevo Beach Clean - plastic and litter found at Langstone shore

Scouring over 150 meters of beach, the team managed to collect a staggering 80 litres of litter consisting of mostly plastic items including straws, sweet wrappers and drinks bottles.

Benevo, makers of award winning meat-free pet foods are rated number one by the Ethical Company Organisation for their environmental and ethical policies. They have been providing entirely animal-free and nutritionally complete foods for cats and dogs since 2005, as well as a range of treats and biscuits.

This spring they are launching Pawtato Ocean Treats, tasty plant-based edible chews for dogs. They come in a range of fun shapes made from sweet potato supplemented with sustainably farmed seaweed, all in a biodegradable bag.

With a percentage of the proceeds of each pack going towards marine conservation projects, not only are these treats ocean friendly, but each purchase goes towards making a positive difference to our seas.

After an hour of scouring the beach, the team took the waste they collected back to their offices, where they have a zero-to-landfill waste stream. They separated what could be recycled and the rest was sent for energy recovery – never to blight our beaches again.

Benevo Beach Clean - 80ltres of litter in one lunch hour!
“It was shocking how much we collected in a short amount of time. Most people think of large items like plastic bottles when thinking about picking up litter, but we were surprised how many tiny pieces of plastic have worked their way into the environment and how easily they could be overlooked.” Says company director Darrell de Vries.

“It may seem like an effort to do, but it was quite enjoyable, and most of all it was easy – if everyone could spare an hour a month, imagine what a difference we could make to our coastline.”