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In short no, they don’t need meat to survive and thrive.
Just like all animals, they need nutrition, and we’ve sourced all the nutrition that cats and dogs need from non-animal sources.
Meat is just a very eco-UNfriendly and inefficient carrier of some nutrition and flavour. Two things that are easily and safely replaced with our products, whilst maintaining complete nutrition and an appetising flavour.

Yes. Our holistic recipes aim to provide nutrition to companion animals as a whole, helping maintain the health of the entire animal, while following the nutritional guidelines on protein, fat and fibre levels for example for cats and dogs.
When feeding your animal, remember to check the feeding guidelines and that all animals are different and the guidelines should be
adapted to take into account breed, age, temperament and activity level of the individual animal.
That way you can help avoid over or under feeding.

Benevo has been successfully introduced to cats and dogs of all ages, it’s never too late to switch.
We recommend introducing the foods to your animal(s) over  a period of 10-14 days. The longer the better for those animals who don’t like change.
Start by replacing 7-10% of the animals’ food with Benevo. Remember to mix it well.
Over the following days, gradually replace another 7-10% each day, until 10-14 days later the entire bowl is now Benevo.
Not every animal is the same and over the years we have seen and heard of various easy techniques which helped with the transition, including using a little water, tomato puree, cucumber and mixing our wet and dry foods together. 
With older animals with teeth issues, the wet foods may be best, however you can soften the dry food with a little warm water.

That’s a question only your companion animal can answer 🙂
You know your animal best but having fed 1000’s of animals around the World since 2005, we’re confident most will like it.
There’s no guarantee as flavour and texture are a personal preference. We provide sample size bags for this reason, however each packet is only about a days food, so you may need more than 1 packet to sample it properly as we normally recommend a transition period of 10-14 days. If you struggle there are techniques that customers have reported to us that helped them. A link to these will be added soon.

It’s a requirement of the EN certification that they disintegrate disintegrate after 12 weeks and completely biodegrade after six months. That means that 90 percent or more of the plastic material will have been converted to CO2. The remaining share is converted into water and biomass.

It’s 100% vegan owned!
Benevo is an independent company created to make vegan living easier and reduce the cruelty and ecological damage meat products cause. It was established in 2005 and owned and run by vegans Damian and Darrell.

Benevo Vegan Cat Food

We have been manufacturing our meat-free cat food since 2005 so understand that many of the things people worry about with regards to vegan cat foods. Thankfully most of them are myths 🙂
Vegan cat food is designed to meet the nutritional needs of a carnivore – we are not advocating feeding a cat the same nutrition as you would a herbivore.
So can cats be vegan? Not strictly, they are no more a ‘vegan’ than they are a Star Wars fan, they are just cats. Veganism is an ethical choice and cats don’t make ethical choices, but their pet parents can, since they decide what food the cat eats. 

Did you know?
The term ‘obligate carnivore’ refers to their dietary needs in the wild, meaning they have come to reply on nutrients from their prey, like Taurine and vitamin A. However, domestic cats don’t live in the wild, they live with humans and have access to all the food sources we have and thankfully Benevo Cat provides all the nutrients they need.
Did you also know that domestic cats originate from the deserts of Africa, which could be why they like sand in their litter tray 🙂

Yes. Taurine is essential for cats as they don’t make enough themselves and have come to rely on sourcing it from their food.
Much the same way we have come to rely on fruits for our vitamin C intake, yet cats, who don’t rely on fruit, make their own vitamin C. Our source of Taurine is synthetic and chemically identical, so the cat’s body will treat it the same way.

Did you know?
Synthetic Taurine is added to meat pet foods too!

All of our complete foods are made to meet and often exceed the nutritional guidelines for all the vitamins and minerals that are known to be essential for healthy adult cats. These guidelines are set by FEDIAF (who set the levels for complete pet foods in Europe) and by law these levels have to be met or exceeded, regardless of if you are making a meat or plant based cat food. This also means that ultimately, we carry full liability in ensuring that our product is not only ‘fit for purpose’ as the law requires, but satisfies our own high standards and the expectations of our customers.

When formulating new products we work with independent animal nutritionists. These people are highly qualified industry professionals who also work with some of the largest pet food brands on the market and numerous specialist products by smaller brands. They hold various relevant qualifications such as BSc’s and Masters in animal nutrition and animal physiology, as well as decades of experience in the formulation of animal feeds for many species as well as companion animals.  

They are not approaching our products as vegetarians or vegans but purely in their capacity as nutritionists. Their role is to ensure that the products fully comply with and exceed the reference guidelines of FEDIAF, as well as meeting the nutritional needs of the animals.

Veganism is a way of life, based on ethical choices. Dogs don’t make ethical choices and most often it’s their pet parents who make the decision for them. When was the last time you saw a dog in the supermarket comparing the pet food on offer?
So although they can’t be ‘vegans’, then can thrive on a vegan diet, one that is free from animal ingredients. After all, dogs are Omnivores like us, not Carnivores as many believe, and they need only what all animals need to survive, that’s nutrition.
Benevo dog foods are nutritionally complete, meaning they have everything your dog should need, all from non-animal sources.

Did you know?
Studies suggest dogs split from wolves around 20,000-40,000 years ago and they were domesticated between 15,000-30,000 year ago. So they have lived with humans co-existing on the same foods ever since. 

The foods are nutritionally complete, therefore unless you were supplementing the diet beforehand, then there is no need to add a supplement.  

Did you know?
Depending on the product in our range, we have already added a few beneficial supplements including Omega Oils, herbs, Prebiotics, Taurine and L-Carnintine.

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