Great job. I had called a previous pharmacy and received rather a poor service. I had a much better experience with this location. I arrived to pick up Prednisolone medication not covered by my insurance. Even though I already had a coupon, the pharmacy was able to find another that lowered the price further. I will be continuing to use this Davies Pharmacy after a service like this.

I had purchased a $27.00 pair of reading glasses, which I paid for in cash. A few days later, I went back to the store to return them and was given a gift card even though the store policy says your refund will be issued in the method that was used to pay. When I asked the manager it was told that it was because it was more than ten dollars. But the person in front of me was able to buy cigarettes and milk even though their store policy says you cannot buy Prednisolone for cats and dogs with a gift card. This same-store also stole my 500 specialized mountain bike years ago by locking it in the garden section, and the manager told me my son just got a new bike, so they are not good people, and they are choosing people to screw over for no reason. So now that is $527.00 I have had taken from me by this manager, and it is not right. But what can I do.

Tesco Pharmacy (Rating: 3.7) [Solent Rd, Havant PO9 1TR, United Kingdom | +44 23 9294 1034 |]

The pharmacist Marcia (sp?) is just about the nicest pharmacist you’re going to find. If she’s helping you, you’re going to be in good hands. I’ve had issues with other employees at this location being rude and not caring about helping in the past, but the pharmacist is really pleasant and helps above and beyond. That’s why I’ll keep coming to this Tesco Pharmacy.

Friendly Pharmacy. A well-organized and varietal store. The employees are well trained and helpful (with a smile and a greeting). The shelves are stocked with well-chosen, quality Prednisone tablets at competitive prices. I’ve had so few mistakes with my Rx’s over the years that it isn’t worth mentioning. Everything you would expect from a small-town store.

Asda Pharmacy (Rating: 4.7) [Larchwood Ave, Havant PO9 3QW, United Kingdom | +44 23 9244 5800 |]

The manager Chandler was extremely rude. He came and accused my friend and me of running around the stores pressing buttons for assistance, and running away before he came to handle them. He told me I could leave, or he will call the cops. I told him he could watch the tapes, and that’s proof we weren’t doing anything. We weren’t even in those aisles. When the buttons were pressed, he said he’s not watching anything and proceeded to call the cops on us. And told us they would not be ringing up any of my products for me. This happened on Thursday 12-03-2020, around 9:45-10:00 pm. I worked for Kings for 3 years. This is very rude, and I will be taking further action. Then I called to see when the managers would be in, and he tried to make another employee say that I said I was going to do something to him around 10:45, which also never happened.

We just moved to NY last month, and we’re looking for another pharmacy to help me deal with my insane insurance. My old pharmacy served us well, but now it’s 80 miles away from my new home. As a start, I’m impressed with the level of personal care at Asda Pharmacy in the middle of a national crisis one after another. So far happy with the switch.

Park Parade Pharmacy (Rating: 3.9) [35 Park Parade, Leigh Park, Havant PO9 5AA, United Kingdom | +44 23 9247 5577 |]

We moved into the area, and we were lucky to find this Park Parade Pharmacy. Always helpful and explain things in a way you can understand. Even take time to just talk to my kid was great. The community connection is definitely here. I would recommend this pharmacy to friends and family. Very cool old school bank vault inside as well, a lot of history in that building.

Never go to this pharmacy. This is the only pharmacy I’ve ever been to that filled my prescription (that is an injection) and refused to sell me needs to inject said medicine as well. They told me that “I need a separate prescription for needles, my prescription for an injectible medicine wasn’t enough.” These people are straight from the Twilight Zone. No other pharmacy has ever done anything like this and has always sold me needles, which is essential for an injection (I know, hard to believe, right?). I’m switching pharmacies immediately; you should do the same.